Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes T.A.I Different?

In addition to the innumerable benefits, you receive as a T.A.I member, the vast body of trading knowledge and the wonderful tools at your disposal to reprogram your mind, the amazing indicators that ease your decision process and the unbelievable expert mentorship that T.A.I offers you to secure your success as a trader, the ONE THING that truly differentiates T.A.I from any of the other trading programs available in the industry is that WE CARE!

YES! We may be the only ones in the trading industry that truly care for the success of its members and we do walk the extra mile to make sure YOU succeed.

THE TRUTH IS: as a retail trader, you don’t have the massive amount of trade data and institutional feeds that provide an instant advantage over everyone else.

You don’t have a giant team of full-time staff dedicated to analyzing that data. You don’t get to see how a single big trading desk can affect the market.

You don’t get to understand how the traders who run those desks or the money managers responsible for billions of dollars actually make their buy and sell decisions. You don’t see any of it!

Only highly professionalized institutions can successfully compete and drive the markets.

The retail trader is up against that concentrated power that raises the bar of what is needed to be highly prepared to trade the markets.

T.A.I fills this need by combining the knowledge of how to compete together with providing you with all the available tools of Professional Technical Analysis, the practical and proper use of technical indicators AND the right mindset to succeed.

With T.A.I, when you decide to become a trader facing armies of professionals with deep pockets, you will be able to compete. And you will see the results of your efforts from the start!

Who Is T.A.I NOT For?

T.A.I is a body of serious traders and investors with the same goal: To create a life of Abundance, Wealth, and Freedom via the correct approach, study, and Implementation of Technical Analysis. It is not for people:

  • Who are looking to get rich quickly?
  • Who are looking for a chat room to get buy or sell signals that they can get on their phones.
  • Who are looking for the next green or black box that trades for them and gives them instant winners.
  • Who are looking for the next indicator or shiny object that the industry so much likes to offer.
  • Who are stuck in information gathering and are not prepared to take action and get results.
  • Who are not serious about earning a living trading and just want to see how it is and how it feels to be a “day trader.”

Who IS T.A.I For?

As much as we would love to accept all applicants, T.A.I is an elite group. Our members must show great earnestness and willingness to develop the necessary mental discipline to succeed in the markets. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Members may not have a trading account while they devote time to learn and simulating trades, but they should have the means to open a trading account that does not jeopardize their savings, financial security, or lifestyle. 

The majority of our members fall under one of these categories:

  • Earning a living as a trader: First and foremost, T.A.I is for serious individuals looking to develop their understanding and expertise of the markets with the aim of trading the markets for a living.
  • Looking For A Second Income: T.A.I helps people who are looking to earn a second income by learning how to trade Forex Currencies and Futures markets without having to invest their entire savings in the learning process.
  • Struggling Traders: Traders who have been trading the markets for several years without consistent success. We show them how to earn money consistently with strategies that are easily reproducible, and we help them identify and overcome the unconscious negative habit patterns that have stopped them from achieving success.
  • Frustrated Investors: Those who are tired of seeing their capital being depleted year after year by their “expert fund managers” and who want to be in charge of their investments.
  • Future Retirees: Those who want to make sure they will still have a meaningful source of income after their retirement and want to prepare for it.
  • “Tradingpreneurs”: People who are convinced that trading offers a great opportunity to earn money from home, they have tried it and know it has great potential, but have not found the right way to earn money consistently yet. T.A.I will help them save years of losses, pain, and frustration.
  • Caged Employees: Employees working 9 – 5 jobs who feel trapped, soulless, and on a hamster wheel that keeps moving faster and faster. Learning at their leisure how to trade professionally may open the doors to a new profession and source of income.
  • Aware Students: Those who understand that the traditional path of college education and employment is no longer the right path for them and want to make trading and technical analysis their future career choice.

If you belong to any of the above groups, click the button below and get started today.

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Create Life Abundance, Wealth, and Freedom via the correct Implementation of Technical Analysis

More Questions & Answers

At this time, the TOP Indicator is ONLY available for TradingView.

So what if you don’t currently use TradingView?

We have members who use their preferred trading platforms but open a free account with TradingView to use as signal charts while executing the trades on their preferred platform. That may be a solution for you if you love the trading platform you’re currently using.

T.A.G’s Objective is to make Trading Easy and Profitable. We’re not concerned with the amount of activity per day, week, or month. Our primary concern is net profitability. And that is what we teach our members.

ABSOLUTELY! We offer an unlimited e-mail mini mentorship where you can write to us directly and ask all your questions, doubts, send your trades for corrections, share your ideas, etc…

And of course, at any time in your membership, should you run into any snags, just write to us and we will handle whatever is tripping you up.
This is done so you can receive all the support and help you need in order to stay profitable.

As a TAG member, you receive two private one-on-one coaching sessions with Prof. Aldo.

Once you register you get a one-on-one private session to receive guidance and action steps to follow for the next 6 months and prepare your Trading plan for the year.

At the 6 month mark, you get a second session to review your progress, adjust your trading plan, and correct whatever is needed.

Our current members include:

* Professional Traders
Fund Managers
Portfolio Managers
Market Analysts
Private Investors
and academics (students of finance/economics and related subjects).

However, we welcome any novice trader who is serious about learning and applying Technical Analysis from the very basics to the most sophisticated approaches like the Elliott Wave Principle.

Whether you trade Futures, Stocks, Options, Forex or Cryptocurrencies, traders and investors of ALL levels who understand the importance of Technical Analysis and Behavioral Finance are welcome and encouraged to become Guild Members.

We believe that as a member you should be paid instead, and that’s what we endeavor to do for all our members by providing with market direction, forecasting the most probable move, and offering trade suggestions.
The fee to become a member is $2,400 – likely recuperable in a single trade.

If you do the math, the annual membership is only about $6.47 cents per day.

$6.47 isn’t going to change your life. As a matter of fact, if you lost $6.47 you probably wouldn’t even notice it.

But the work we do together not only improves your trading results and transforms your psychology, but it also has the potential to change your entire life and the lives of those around you.

Have other questions? Let’s answer them for ya!

Contact our support team here.

“My name is Steffen Lindner and I have been active in trading for a few years. In this time I have tried to optimize my trading results with a number of different mentors, but sadly only with little success. The Elliot Wave Method taught by Aldo Lagrutta is based on thorough chart analysis, that, together with other technical tools, can deliver a reliable prognosis on course development and is an excellent tool for daily trading. Aldo Lagrutta’s way of teaching left me very impressed, as he conveys his knowledge in a very understandable and memorable way. Thank you to Aldo Lagrutta for his good will and patience during our lessons together.”

– Dr. Steffen Lindner – Germany

Our primary objective is to assist traders of all levels, whether they are novices or experts, in achieving profitability. If your goal is to enhance your comprehension and proficiency in Technical Analysis. We are dedicated to helping traders achieve remarkable outcomes by emphasizing impactful actions.

Technical Analysis Institute

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